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■ SILENCE your mobile device.
■ CALLS allowed well away from competition and fan viewing areas only.
■ No PHOTOS Thursday through Sunday.
■ No VIDEO recording allowed at any time.
■ Please be aware that f­olding lawn chairs, coolers, radios, signs and step ladders are not allowed.
■ If the gallery around the hole is large, please be considerate of others. Kneel or sit down if you ­are in front of the crowd.
■ Please have your admission ticket in your possession and visible at all times.
■ Please be aware that autographs can be obtained after players have finished their rounds or before they tee off, not during play.
■ If a storm should develop, sirens or horns will be sounded. If such a situation occurs, please seek shelter.


Course Description – Hole by Hole:

1 409 4 HOLE #1 – A tree lined, par four with out of bounds left and two large bunkers guarding the green. Players will be likely to hit less than driver here as position off the tee is most important. The second shot will require a well-placed short to the middle iron.
2 540 5 HOLE #2 – This 540 yard par five is a slight dogleg right with out of bounds left. This is the first of two par fives in a row and reachable with two good shots. Players will definitely select driver off this tee even though it’s a narrow landing area. A fairway wood second shot should yield many birdies.
3 561 5 HOLE #3 – This is a dogleg right par five with a difficult second shot if players elect to go for the green in two. There is out of bounds left and water to the right. This is the widest fairway on the golf course, so players will select driver and many will go for the green in two for a shot at eagle.
4 182 3 HOLE #4 – This long, 182 yard par three is over water with two sand bunkers guarding the green. The toughest pin position here will be back right and will demand an accurate middle iron.
5 438 4 HOLE #5 – This is the most difficult par four on this nine with a strategically placed bunker 230 yards off the tee on the right side, and out of bounds left. A straight drive here will mean the difference between a long iron and a middle iron second shot. Par is a good score here.
6 414 4 HOLE #6 – This par four is a slight dogleg right with trees along both sides of the fairway. Many players will select a long iron or fairway wood off the tee to ensure they will be hitting a 9 iron or pitching wedge into the green. Well-placed second shots should produce many birdies.
7 425 4 HOLE #7 – A slight dogleg right, tree-lined par four with a large, well bunkered green. This 422-yard par four requires an accurate tee shot to position the player for a short iron into the large green. There will be few birdies here.
8 199 3 HOLE #8 – This hole is a 199-yard par three featuring the largest putting surface at Hillcrest and an L-shaped green with large bunkers guarding both sides. Players will select a middle to long iron depending upon prevailing wind. With the flag back right, three will be an excellent score.
9 407 4 HOLE #9 – Straightaway par four with out of bounds down the left side of the hole. The large two level contoured green makes par a good score. Players will select driver here to guard against hitting it down the left side. A skillful middle iron shot is a must for the second shot.
10 359 4 HOLE #10 – This short 359 yard par four features an elevated tee and a wide, tree lined fairway with water on the left. Most players will hit one iron off the tee. A well positioned downhill shot will leave a short iron into a tightly guarded green. This is a birdie hole.
11 462 4 HOLE #11 – This strong 462 yard par four requires a long tee shot and a precise second shot into a triple level green. The driver is the key club because of the length of this hole. Par is a good score here.
12 400 4 HOLE #12 – A 408 yard dogleg left par four demands a precise tee shot. Many players will select fairway wood or long iron off this tee to position themselves properly for this difficult par four.
13 216 3 HOLE #13 – At 216 yards, #13 is the most demanding par three at Hillcrest. It’s well bunkered, slightly elevated green will hold most long irons. Players missing the green will want to miss it short of three bunkers, which guard the back.
14 438 4 HOLE #14 – This par four features out of bounds right and large trees left; the landing area is downhill. This is Hillcrest’s toughest driving hole. Most players will hit driver off the tee because it’s usually into the prevailing wind. The approach shot requires a precise middle iron.
15 293 4 HOLE #15 – A great risk/reward hole. Some players will elect to go for the green off the tee but accuracy is at a premium with this well guarded green. The conservative player will take an iron off the tee for position setting up a short approach shot.
16 535 5 HOLE #16 – Thistree lined par five will yield plenty of eagles and birdies. The elevated tee and prevailing tailwind means drives of 300 yards or more are common. Most players will have a middle to long iron into this par five for their second shots.
17 134 3 HOLE #17 – One of Hillcrest Country Club’s most picturesque holes, this short par three requires a short iron over water. Pin position can make the hole difficult at times.
18 395 4 HOLE #18 – With water to the left, the blind second shot is to an elevated green with two levels. Players will probably hit fairway woods or long irons to set themselves up for a short second shot into the bi-level green. Beware of putting downhill!


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