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Hillshire Brands TICKETS Fore CHARITYTM

A major component of the Albertsons Boise Open presented by Kraft's charitable efforts is the Hillshire Brands TICKETS Fore CHARITY program, and we encourage all local non-profits to be a part of this incredible initiative! Thanks to the program, 100% of proceeds from all tournament ticket sales goes directly to participating charities in the Treasure Valley. The Hillshire Brands TICKETS Fore CHARITY program has generated Millions for Boise-area non-profit organizations since its inception.

Each tournament ticket purchased must have a designated non-profit organization that will receive 100% of the purchase price of the ticket, and the participating charities receive their ticket revenue monthly. As a result, the program provides a year-round fundraising opportunity for non-profits. Non-profits can register for the program today and start receiving funds next month! And for ticket buyers, the sooner you purchase, the sooner your charity will benefit.

In addition, Albertsons parent company SUPERVALU and Hillshire Brands have provided a $50,000 Bonus Pool for non-profit organizations that participate in the program and sell tickets. The Bonus Pool is divided among the participating organizations based on the percentage of total ticket revenue they generate. This means charities that sell tickets actually earn more than 100% of their ticket sales through the program.

The Hillshire Brands TICKETS Fore CHARITY program is open to any local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and, again, we encourage all to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! If your organization is interested in becoming a beneficiary and selling tournament tickets, please e-mail Michelle Birman or call (208) 336-3029 ext.206 for more information.

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If your charity is interested in becoming a beneficiary, please inquire via email to: Andy Perry or call (208) 336-3029 ext.210 for more information.